?Do you like your ARMS?
Nobody does... until now! 

The SpinGym Effect
The vibrating, slightly irregular load created by the rotation of the SpinGym's Central Weighted Disc provides resistance exercise for the muscles – firming, strengthening and toning them. The SpinGym Effect – you'll look and feel more confident in clothes that reveal your arms, chest and back!
How Does it Works?
The secret to sexy, toned arms is SpinGym®'s unique "Gyrotronic Resistance Training" (GRT), developed by celebrity fitness expert Forbes Riley. GRT engages all your upper body and core muscles, the second you start your SpinGym® workout. SpinGym® is designed to tune up, not bulk up. Wave goodbye to flabby arms with just 5 minutes a day!

Great for Rapid Weight Loss!
"In just 6 weeks, I was ready for my WEDDING DRESS - thank you 
 Forbes Riley & SpinGym"
—Jax G.
"SpinGym & Forbes Riley's system literally SAVED my life!
 Helped me focus on every aspect of fitness!
—Amy H.

Perfect for ON-THE-GO!
Forbes Riley's SpinGym changed my body drastically in just 8 weeks and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life."  Briana J.
Fast, Fun  & Effective!
Stuck at the Office?
    No Time to Workout?
        NO PROBLEM!!
SpinGym comes in colors and looks GREAT sitting on your desk~!

Imagine -- just a few minutes a day and you 
will LOOK and FEEL so much BETTER!!

The New, Fastest, Favorite Training Accessory in Hollywood! 
Aisha Tyler
Molly Sims
William Shatner
Tori Spelling
* Improve muscle tone tone
* BURN Calories
* Increase mind/body connection.
* Reduce stress.
* Amp metabolism
* Improved stamina.

What Personal Trainers are saying...
"As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, I LOVE SpinGym!  Compact & Portable for outdoor boot camps and it sculpts, tones and burns CRAZY calories!    
-Becca T.
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